My photographic background

My photographic background

In 1974 for some 20 years I used photography in my work within the police service to record evidence. This process involved following stringent rules governing evidence and integrity, there was no place for artistic flair.

In 2005 with retirement looming I bought a Canon 10D D-SLR and a Canon Powershot PRO1 and set about taking photographs for pleasure, mostly on holidays. My photographic background was based on wet photography, my understanding of the fundamentals of digital imaging very limited and although I took plenty of material I did very little with it.

Retirement has provided opportunity to enhance my knowledge of digital imaging and limited finance to upgrade my equipment. I am now using a Canon EOS 5D Mk11 with an array of lenses combined with a Canon Powershot G11 to produce my images, the material is processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I am based in West Wales an area of outstanding beauty. My intention is to record these vistas for others to share. This website will provide the incentive to undertake that work. Most of the current collection is based on those early images but there are now a number of more recent photographs on display.

Thank you for taking the time to view my photographs.